Cory Arcangel (Pt. 1)

I talked about Cory Arcangel during class... here is some of his work. You guys have 2 essays about him for the next class session. He is supposed to be speaking at Brown University in the Spring. I'll let you know more when I know more... he's young (under 30) and was in the Whitney Biennial in 2004 (when he was even younger...)...


Naptime (_2002), Hacked Super Mario2 NES cartridge. Programmed music by Paul B. Davis.

I Shot Andy Warhol (_2002), Hacked Hogan's Alley NES Cartridge.

Objective: Hit Andy Warhol whenever he pops up, while avoiding hitting the Pope, Flavor Flav, and Colonel Sanders. The last couple seconds of this video clip are from the portion of the game where your goal is to knock the falling Campell's soup cans across the screen.

Mario Movie (w/Paper Rad)

Linkage: Cory's 2006 show at Team Gallery's Soho Space

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