Virtual Boy was Nintendo's only big failure. How big? pretty big; the guy who created virtual boy also came up with gameboy and metroid... and they still fired him after the virtual boy's horrible flop...

-How many times can this schmuck say the word, "cool"???


Men rob convenience store using NES Zapper

Two men were sentenced to 10 years in prison on Monday for robbing a Kentucky gas station with an NES Zapper.

Arthur Swain, 18, and Jeremy Goins, 20, of Covington held up an Ameristop Food Mart in May for $100 dollars cash. The two men, who plead guilty to second degree robbery, each received a maximum 10 year sentence from the Kenton Circuit Court Judge.

Interestingly, eyewitnesses and law enforcement failed to initially recognize the "weapon" as a twenty year-old toy gun, the NES Zapper.

"Victims and police did not know the gun was a toy until after it was all over," prosecutors said during sentencing on Monday. "The defendants could have easily gotten themselves or innocent bystanders shot."