RiSD wonderfully left my course out of the hard copy winter course catalogue... so here's the synopsis of the course that was supposed to be in the catalogue... basically if you're into gaming, or contemporary, non-art-jargony artist writings, take the course. For now, feel free to glance around this blog, if this is the kind of thing you're into, you should enroll...

Wikipedia defines “game” as a structured or semi-structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes also used as an educational tool; Game:Art is a hybrid course combining theoretical readings with a studio art practice. Using games as a conceptual starting point, students will make work that responds to readings and screenings by artists and writers such as DJ Spooky, Cory Archangel, and McKenzie Wark. Emphasis will be placed on the parallels between the structure and layout of video gaming and the structure and goals of the personal art-making process.

We will also read writings by the following:

Alex Galloway
Seth Price
Dario Robleto
Grant Kester
Nicolas Bourriaud

The goal of the course isn't to make the greatest art ever. It IS to learn something about the way you go about making art, to have fun, and to learn something. A lot of people at art school forget... this is supposed to be fun.

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